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Welcome to Anita's Cafe

Welcome, fellow lovers of LKH's wonderful works. Here we share and glory in the dark world of vampires, werewolves, fae, and so much more. Feel free to speak about anything you wish that involves these wonderful books. Or if you think you may have found someone who has equally good books as LKH your welcome to share that too. We greatly value artwork, opinions, whatever comes to your mind, and so we ask that you read and follow our rules.

The Rules of the Cafe
1. Always be respectful of others
2. LJ-cut is a must if you are going to post a really long post, or if you wish to share graphics.
3. NO spamming at all! You're free to share websites, but only if they involve LKH in some way. Also, don't post your link several times in here.
4. FanFic/FanArt is welcome, but if its not your work, please give credit to whoever it belongs to.

Any questions, or requests, or anything else can be given to the me, the moderator of this community, mirdrak. Or you can e-mail me at pirate.ninja87@gmail.com. If you want to have your community listed as a fellow community below, please e-mail me, and I'll get to adding you as soon as possible.

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